Commodity Trading Broker

Unlike shares, stocks, bonds, etc. commodities have a tangible existence. These include food, grains, metals, and oil which investors buy and sell through futures contracts. To trade in commodities you need a trusted broker to deal on your behalf. ABK Securities is a registered commodity trading Broker at both MCX and NCDEX. The price of commodities is determined by the law of demand. As the commodities are substances that come out from the earth in most cases, their prices remain the same universally.

The mainstream commodity markets can be classified as:

1. Precious metals include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Industrial metals include aluminium, aluminium alloy, nickel, lead, zinc, tin, recycled steel, and copper;

2. Livestock includes live cattle, feeder cattle, pork bellies, etc.;

3. Agricultural products include soybeans, soybean meals & oil, wheat, cotton, tea, pulses, sugar, corn, rice, coffee, etc.;

4. Energy includes ethanol, propane, natural gas, crude oil, Brent crude oil, uranium and more. We, at ABK Securities, have an in-depth knowledge of the commodity derivative market, futures & options contracts, etc. to guide your investments in every possible way.

Commodity Trading Broker

Commodity Broker in Ahmedabad

The commodity market brings new investment avenues to investors. Commodity trading in India offers a golden opportunity to diversify the investment portfolio. At a time when shares, bonds, and savings do not yield high returns or are subject to volatility, a commodity is a good option for having a fair return at adequate risk. ABK Securities is a leading Commodity Broker in Ahmedabad providing enhanced risk adjusting returns to investors. Our commodity trading insights are backed by in-depth research done by a specialized team. The objective is to produce fruitful results for our clients. The research team and Brokers make sure that all the decisions taken by them in commodity trading should be backed by logic, trend, sentiments, market forecasting and amalgamation of all these.

Where to invest in commodities?

There are six major commodity trading exchanges in India as listed below.

  • Multi Commodity Exchange – MCX
  • National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange – NCDEX
  • National Multi Commodity Exchange – NMCE
  • Indian Commodity Exchange – ICEX
  • Ace Derivatives Exchange – ACE
  • The Universal Commodity Exchange – UCX