Equity Trading in Ahmedabad

The place where the buying and selling of companies share and stocks are done is known as equity market and the transaction is known as equity trading. Most of the Equity Trading in Ahmedabad is done via stock exchanges. However it can also be performed over the counter. The most common term used for equity trading is share market or the stock market. The stock market or the equity trading is a good option to make money with investment. The average rate of return may go up to 3 to 4 times compared to investing in savings and Treasury bond. The lucrative market has attracted a lot of small, medium and large investors, however, first thing first, it is important to understand the context of Indian stock market.

Equity Trading in Ahmedabad

When you buy a share or stock of one company you become s shareholder of the company. These shares or equities have potential to increase their value over the period of time. The price appreciation is the reason why people invest in equity trading to achieve their long term investment goals and make profits. At the same time equities are also more risky compared to other investment options. You need a smart equity broker like ABK Securities who can guide you with number of options, suggest you when to buy/sell or what to buy/sell.

Equity Investment in Ahmedabad

Investing in equity market for long term is always advisable for a significant growth and profit. This is also a way to minimize the high risk involved in equity trading. It is suggested that a trusted broker is must before you plan any investment in stock market. When you think of Equity Investment in Ahmedabad, ABK Securities is a leading equity trading broker. We are supported by in-house research team which keep an eye on everything that can cause a major or minor fluctuation in the market. Our analytics team keep the trend in check to consult you better. In equity trading both the sellers and buyers quote a certain price against the shares they want to buy/sell. When these price get match, the sale occurs. The art is to decide two things – 1) which company’s share to buy or sell, and 2) what is the fair price to buy or sell. We offer a range of service where you can opt for.

ABK Securities will charge commission on the trades it makes on a client’s behalf, or a fee for retaining its services.

There are three different services a Abk Securities can provide:

  • Execution-only Abk Securities : will complete orders on your behalf, but do not offer any advice
  • Abk Securities : will offer advice on where to trade, but only trade on orders submitted by you
  • Discretionary Abk Securities : will trade on your behalf, executing trades without your input